Monday, July 28, 2008

Are you on the Vine?

This weekend I got some really cool news. Well, it’s cool to us bookish folks. I was invited to join Amazon’s vine program. Every third Thursday of the month Amazon sends out a newsletter and vine member can choose up to three items. Some of the items are books, CDs, food, and software. It’s completely free for members. Rockin!

I would like to think the reason that I am in the program is because I am an invaluable source of information. I mean who wouldn’t want to read my outstanding reviews? However, after my delusions of grandeur fade I came to the real reason I am probably in the program. I think that I spent so much money on Amazon last year they felt sorry for me.

Whatever the case is I’m now a Viner (yes I made that up). My first choice was to read T4 about a young girl in Nazi Germany who was deaf..or was it blind..well it doesn’t matter because I couldn’t get the book. Everyone snatched it up before I had a chance. So I’ll be reviewing Rumors the sequel to The Luxe. Some maybe saying, “But you hated The Luxe.” Well, hate is a strong word, and while I strongly disliked it I thought it might be interesting to see where this one goes. Besides, I’m sick of everyone saying the “historical details are amazing.” So I’ll find out for myself how historically accurate it truly is.

The cool thing about Amazon Vine books is that I can also review them on my blog. But whenever I give a review I’ll let everyone know it’s an Amazon Vine Book.


Wil said...

I think it's safe to say that I've spent about as much money as you have, if not more, at both and Where's my invitation to The Vine? Uh, if they ask you to review any Blu-ray discs, would you accept? I'll write the review for you. :D

Personally, I think you got invited because of your reviews on Amazon. I reckon a lot of Amazon users find them useful.


Ms. I said...

Well, maybe you're right. Who really knows why they picked me. I'm glad they did though!

Free stuff ROCKS!