Friday, April 17, 2009

Historical Fiction Friday: Anna's World

Anna had a good life before a flood destroyed her father's store. Unable to care for his daughter he sends her to a Shaker community to live until things get better. For Anna things are hard. She is not used to the strict rules of the religious community and sometimes has a hard time fitting in. But when she goes to Boston she is not ready to deal with the demands made on a young woman. Will she be able to find happiness in Boston or will she go back to the Shaker community?

This book was a fun read because it deals with such an interesting subject: The Shakers. Shakers were a very interesting religious community back in the nineteenth century. They received their name because they dance, trembled and shouted.

Anna's World is well written and the characters are interesting. I think students who enjoy historical fiction will give this one a go. Also students who are interested in the Shakers may want to read this one as well.


Paul Schultz said...

I am happy to have discovered this blog! Thank you for the interesting review of ANNA'S WORLD. Young adults who enjoy historical fiction might want to check out my new novel, THE FUHRER VIRUS. It is a WWII spy/conspiracy/thriller and can be found at,, and


Paul Schultz

Ms. I said...

I'm glad you like the blog. Good luck with your book :)