Friday, May 15, 2009

Upcoming Review: Goblins & Book Giveaway

This rocks. The other day I was thinking to myself that I haven’t read a boy book in a while. So a few days ago I received an email asking me if I would like a FREE copy of Goblins. I said YES!

Goblins: And Underearth Adventure is written by Royce Buckingham.

Here is a summary:
Sneaking out into the woods near the Canadian border, Sam and PJ come across what looks like a mutant gorilla with a bad attitude. But it’s no ape— it’s a goblin, and thousands more of them live under the earth, kept in check only by a small corps of human Guardians.

Sam finds a tunnel below the surface, and in no time he’s in the goblins’ clutches. With goblin leaders Eww-Yuk and Slurp at odds, it will take all of PJ’s strength and ingenuity to get Sam back—but then again, how hard could it be to outsmart a goblin?

Featuring the high adventure and slapstick humor that made Demonkeeper a fantasy favorite, Goblins! is a subterranean romp that will keep readers laughing as they race through the pages to see what happens next.

Looking forward to this read!

I will be giving this copy away! Stay tuned!


Laina said...

Cool, boy books can be fun sometimes!!

Ms. I said...

Yes they can. And there needs to be more of them so my male students will read :)