Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Much better than the first

After reading the first installment of Bizenghast, I decided to give the second volume a go. I am glad I did.

Once again we have As Dinah and Vincent trying to release tortured spirits, but this time I felt there was a little more meat to the story. Instead of going from ghost to ghost we find a more reflective Dinah and we slowly see her start to grow into a more confident person. Edaniel the cat is wacky as every, but he is good for some laughs. Vincent is her faithful guardian and always there to help Dinah.

I enjoyed this book a lot more than the first one. I am currently up to volume 5 and I love this series. There have been comments made that the art is not consistent. I personally didn't feel that, but I thought it should be noted.

For teens who are looking for an interesting gothic manga story I highly recommend this one.

Bizenghast Vol. 6 is currently out now.

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