Monday, October 26, 2009

GN: Pride of Baghdad

Pride of Baghdad is one of those unusual comics because it has nothing to do with superheros. I know that not all comics have people running around in spandex, but a lot do.

This graphic novel takes place during the Iraqi War. The main characters are a pride of lions who were in the Baghdad Zoo. But when the bombing begins the lions and the rest of the animals are set free into a strange, lawless land they do not understand. The fight for survival begins.

The reader is taken on an interesting journey seen through the eyes of these lions. We see strong family ties, love, hatred and anger. In their travels they meet an old tortoise that survived Word War I.

The colors are good, and the art is nice. At times the story can get a little graphic, but it is depicting war. For instance, there is one panel where a giraffe has its head blown off. While not super gory, it might be a little much for younger readers. Rape is also depicted in this book.

Overall, I enjoyed this graphic novel. It is something different than the usual stories(spandex) that most Americans are familiar with. The story makes the reader think without being preachy.

Students who are interested in comics should give this one a go. I think they would enjoy it. For those who cannot break out of traditional American comics they may not like the story.

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