Friday, November 27, 2009

Historical Fiction Friday: The Plague

In the middle of the plague Nell's parents die. She's unsure what will happen to her and her brother, George. What will a couple of peasants do? Well, thankfully they don't have to think about it because Nell shares an uncanny resemblance to King Edward's daughter, Joan. So Nell is to be the princess's body double.

Things go well, until the princess dies. Nell is taken to Spain where she will marry the Prince of Castile. But Nell doesn't want to marry the prince and she, along with her brother and a soldier try to escape from Joan's(the dead princess) brother.

I wasn't as excited by this novel as I thought I would be. I thought there were far too many coincidences. The reviews on Amazon are good though. So maybe I am missing something.

Students who are looking for something different in their historical fiction may enjoy this novel.


Kate said...

Hmm, it sounded good. But after reading your review I'm going to reconsider and not look out for this book. Thanks for your honest review =)

Michelle Moran said...

Wow - I would never have guessed this was set in the Middle Ages from the cover.

Ms. I said...

Yeah I didnt know what this book was at first until I read the summary. I'm not fond of the cover. I think she is underwater???

Michelle Moran said...

Under water?! Okay, that's the second thing I never would have guessed. Very strange choice. Since I haven't read the book, I'm not sure what other cover they might have gone with, but I really liked LUXE for the YA market. It said historical and modern all with one dress.