Thursday, January 14, 2010

Death becomes her

Meridian is not like other girls, and she has know that since she was a child. For some strange reason things come to her, bugs, people, animals and they die.

Despite this weird factor she tries to get on with her life, but things take a dramatic turn when she becomes 16. Meridian can't live with her family anymore and is forced to move away to live with an elderly aunt she knows nothing about. To make matters worse Meridian doesn't know if she will ever see her family again.

When she is at her aunt's house begins to understand why dead things are attracted to her. Meridian also learns that she is half human and half angel.

If life wasn't bad enough for Meridian she has to deal with Tens, who isn't very friendly towards her, and a crazy ultra religious cult who is out to harm the town.

One reason I enjoyed this book so much was because it was faced paced and got right into the action. There wasn't 10 chapters of nonsense before the action happened. I love that, and I think teens will too. Also the story was unique(which can be a rarity these days with all the urban fantasy novels around).

I think teens looking for an interesting urban fantasy novel will enjoy Meridian.

This Saturday I will have an interview with Ms. Kizer. Be sure to check it out!

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