Sunday, June 20, 2010


Eun-Gyo Sung isn't a very good student. She doesn't pay attention, falls asleep in class, gets into a fight and is suspended from school. A mysterious young man saves her from getting struck by a train.

The strange man kidnaps Eun-Gyo Sung and brings her into the past. It's up to her to help him find the seven blade sword and save his land.

The first volume of every graphic novel must do a few few things: A. create a captivating story. B. introduce the characters C. make you want more.

However, with Legend I'm not sure I felt any of those things listed above. The story was decent but nothing that made me want to pick up volume II. Eun-Gyo Sung was annoying along with whiny and she was an air head. After finishing the first volume I was glad it was over and I didn't want to read the second one.

I'm sure this is going to bloom into one of those romance books. the ditsy girl falls in love with the mysterious young man. There is also a little magic and adventure thrown into the story. Students who enjoy those elements may like Legend. Frankly, I'm skipping this series.

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