Saturday, October 9, 2010

Historical Fiction Friday

In today's spotlight is Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson. This is the sequel to Chains. Ms. Anderson is a local girl( Mexico NY). I've only read one book by her, Wintergirls, which I thought an interesting read but not riveting. Still, my patrons love her stuff so I thought I would bring attention to this novel.

Anderson follows her searing, multi-award-winning novel Chains (2008) with this well-researched sequel, also set during the Revolutionary War and narrated by a young African American. This time, though, her central character is male, and the heartbreaking drama shifts from Chains’ domestic town houses to graphically described bloody battlefields. After a narrowly successful escape from Manhattan, former slaves Isabel and Curzon separate, and Curzon is once again on the run. He finds necessary food and shelter as a private with the Continental army, and through Curzon’s eyes, Anderson re-creates pivotal historical scenes, including the desperate conditions at Valley Forge.

Publication Date is October 19, 2010


Katrina L. Burchett said...

I have had Chains saved in my Amazon cart for quite a while. I really need to get around to buying it. And, oh, I believe you meant to type Wintergirls. I'm not criticizing; I just wanted to be sure your followers had the correct title ;)

YA Librarian said...

Opps! You're right. :) Thanks for catching it.