Monday, December 13, 2010


The cover of this book creeps me out and that's what I think will grab reader's attention. This book is historical fiction, which is a hard sell in my library. However the cover and creepy descriptions may win students over.

Tabby is brought to a mansion to be a maid to a young boy(moody temperamental young boy). The place doesn't feel right. There is no church, no one cares for her young charge and soon Tabby sees dead people. There are ghosts everywhere and it turns out these ghosts are previous maids. Being a maid herself, Tabby isn't thrilled with the idea of joining the dead. So it is up to her to protect Himself(what the boy is called) and herself.

The story is well written with good details, but the story isn't wordy. It is a gothic tale, but that shouldn't turn off younger readers. The creepy atmosphere that Ms. Dunkle is able to create will suck readers in. This is a perfect story for Halloween.

I haven't read books written by the Bronte's and I enjoyed this novel. This is a stand alone book. The author does tie in Tabby with the Bronte sisters at the end, which might peak some interest in a few readers. However, this book is for younger readers around middle school age.

At the beginning of each chapter there is a creepy drawing which adds to the overall gothic feel of the book.

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