Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I want it Wednesday

This is an older book that came out in 2009, but I thought it sounded interesting and wanted to pass it along to my readers. Summary: 15-year-old Kayla is daydreaming through consensual but emotionless sex with a forgettable guy. When she returns home to find her alcoholic mother, Marilyn, packing for yet another out-of-state move, though, Kayla is angry to be uprooted once again, and she's even sorry to say goodbye to her latest guy. Settling in a rundown trailer in New Mexico, Kayla finally begins to develop real friendships through her dog-training business, while Marilyn makes New Agey sober choices. Remy, a 24-year-old musician and owner of one of Kayla's dog charges, pursues Kalya passionately but stops short of a sexual relationship. Then Remy moves to Denver for his band, and Marilyn slides into an alcoholic stupor, leaving Kayla desperate for stability and comfort. She steals money from friends and runs to Remy in Denver, but finds that reality is a harsh pill to swallow.

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