Friday, March 25, 2011

Historical Fiction Friday

This one has been out for awhile, but I haven't talked about it. But, I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Orphaned at four, Bet and Will have been brought up by Will's great-uncle. They were raised together, but not equally, since Bet's mother was a maid who worked for Will's parents. Still, the young people have come to think of each other as siblings. Now that they are 16, Bet wants to attend school and Will seeks to join the army. But in 19th-century England, this is not going to be easy. Will is an underage gentleman–he is expected to go to preparatory school. And as a young woman of no means, she cannot attend a school. But clever Bet hatches a plan so that they can both get their desires–they will swap places. Will joins the army and Bet cuts her hair, binds her breasts, and enrolls in his school–as Will. Baratz-Logsted's writing has broad characterizations; a cheerful, modern tone without overt anachronisms; obvious plot points; a quick pace; and a tidy ending.

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