Sunday, April 17, 2011

Something different

CrossingLines is a little different than the usual Paul Volponi book. Normally, we read about the inner city and how life is hard and unforgiving. This time we head to the suburbs in his latest novel.

Adonis is a football player. He's a jock. He's a great athlete and he has am image to uphold with his his guy friends. Adonis is dating a girl(whose name I forgot and the book is at work!) who is also involved in the fashion club. That's fine, until she starts supporting the new kid Alan who is a gender bending teen.

The football team hates Alan, and Adnois is caught in the middle of their little war. Does he go along with his team to hurt Alan and also destroy his relationship with his girlfriend, or does he do the right thing?

I enjoyed the book, but I'm unsure how many of my male readers are going to pick it up. They love Mr. Volponi's fast paced novels like Black and White or Hurricane Song. I like the message, and think this is an important novel to read.

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Aleetha said...

The color of its cover is lovelyf. I wish I could read the synopsis.