Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Teen Shoots up the School novel...

This is the second novel I have read about a depressed teen so upset about their situation that they decide to shoot up their school. The first I read was Endgame, which I reviewed in 2007.

"Everything was leading up to this moment-the point at which the teasing, the cruelty, the pressure all become too much. And someone finally snapped."

Quad deals with a high school shooting just like Nancy Garden's Endgame. difference here is that in Quad the reader does not see the bullying from one person's perspective. Instead, we witness the cruelty of high school through the eyes of the techies, choirboys, drama queens, and freaks. Added into the mix are the preps and the jocks with their own problems.

The story takes place at Muir High, which is a typical high school. Within the first chapter the shooting takes place. Quickly, Ranger, Ken, Sage, Maggie, Calvert, and Christopher rush into the student store and barricade themselves in. Huddled together, as shots ring out, they attempt to figure out who the school shooter is.

The book uses a series of flashbacks to tell the story from each group's perspective. I won't lie, it was confusing sometimes. There were a lot of characters that I had to sort out. As the story progressed I was more familiar with the different characters. However, for students who dislike books that have flashbacks and a barrage of characters they may not like Quad.

Overall, I did enjoy Quad, but not as much as Endgame. For me, Endgame had a better ending. Quad felt like it ended a little flat. However, I think most teens will enjoy the book because Ms. Watson does an excellent job of portraying high school life in a realistic and painful way.

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