Sunday, September 14, 2008

Walk like an Egyptian

As we all know the Heretic Queen is Ms. Moran’s second book. Once again she explores the ancient world of Egypt, something very few historical fiction authors have done.

The novel is about Nefetari who is well versed in various languages, doesn’t shy away from warfare and is a very intelligent young woman. However, she is the niece of Nefertiti and with that comes a lot of baggage. Since her aunt is called the “heretic queen” Nefertari is seen as an unimportant princess. Nefetari is dislike by the people, those at court don’t want her around, and people shun her. Nefetari’s family name has been tarnished and their sins cast a shadow over everything she wants to accomplish in life. How can she become the wife of Ramesses when everyone around Nefetari hates her? Iset, Ramesses first wife, seeks to become his Chief Wife and keep Nefetari at bay. Determined to have the world remember her family’s name, she seeks to win Ramesses heart and become Chief Wife while those around her try to destroy her.

For those looking for Mosses in the novel, he’s not in it, and Ms. Moran explains why she left him out in her historical note. Personally, I’m not a fan of biblical stories so I didn’t miss Moses in the novel.

I know nothing about Egypt. I think most of us have studied it in high school, and maybe took a course in college. I don’t remember much, and when I read The Heretic Queen I was pleased to see Ms. Morgan gives sufficient details in her novel without it becoming longwinded or like a history lecture. There is a fine line to be walked, and I think she did it wonderfully. As a reader I felt immersed in Egyptian culture.

At the back of the novel there is also a glossary of terms and a religious calendar to help readers. Also, there is an essay in the back about how Ms. Moran used historical facts, but when needed she bridged those facts with some creative writing.

For those who enjoyed Nefertiti they will enjoy The Heretic Queen because it has the same blend of interesting characters, back stabbing plots and great historical detail. I look forward to Cleopatra’s Daughter!


Michelle Moran said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this!!!

And I love the photo of the dog below this post. That's how I'm going to feel at the end of tomorrow, when THQ debuts and I've been running all over the place!!!

Ms. I said...

Good luck with your book! I hope it becomes a best seller! It really is an amazing read!

Michelle Moran said...

Thank you so much! :]