Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sing my Angel of Music

The Queen’s Soprano is based on the true story of Angelica Voglia and is set in 17th century Rome.

Pope Innocent XI has made a decree that women are not allowed to sing in public. But Angelica was born with a beautiful voice and she wishes to sing. In addition she wants to marry an artist and live a happily ever after. Her mother, on the other hand has other ideas for Angelica. She wants her daughter to move up the social latter and marry a rich man.

Unable to endure her mother’s plans for marriage Angelica runs off into a quarter of Rome that is ruled by Queen Christina. She is a Swedish queen who allows women to perform even though the pope is outraged. Angelica thinks her life will be better.

The story follows Angelica as a young, naive girl, longing for love to a young woman making difficult choices about her future and experiencing great pain.

This story was interesting because it’s something I had never known existed. I did enjoy it, but at times I felt if fell into the typical “mom wants to marry me off but I love another…” plotline that is getting a little tedious in historical fiction. For once I would just like to see the girl made to marry the man, though I'm sure readers wouldnt enjoy that.

For teens looking for a good historical fiction novel about a unique time period I'd say give this one a go. This is a chick book, so gentlemen beware.

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