Sunday, March 8, 2009

NF: Are you Inked?

I have always been interested in tattoos ever since I was a kid. I remember looking at my father’s tattoos and thinking they were cool. No other adult figure in my childhood had a tattoo; but that never stopped me from asking if they had one, much to the dismay of my mother.

When I became an adult it seemed as if everyone and their brother had a tattoo. My brother started his collection and now has seven! Tattoos had made it into the mainstream and it wasn’t just for biker or sailors (like my father) anymore. Shows started to pop up around that tattoo industry. The first was Inked on A&E, then Miami Ink hit on TLC which then spawned LA Ink with Kat Von D.

While Inked was dull as tombs, Miami Ink rocked because of all the great tattoo artists. It was different than Inked. It was better.

Kat was an outsider on Miami Ink. She hated Miami and longed to be home in L.A. where things were different. She stood out being the only female in the shop, and one of the only ones who did portraits. The powers that be decided to give Kat her very own show. She was interesting and her art rocked, so why not? Kat moved back to L.A and started her own show L.A. Ink.
People loved watching her show and seeing her great art. She was able to create a legion of fans, and yes I am one of them. You have to give kudos to a woman who was able to enter a male dominated field and make a name for herself.

When I heard that Kat was writing a book I was interested to read it. The first thing I noticed when I got it was that it was flashy (would you expect anything else?) It had glossy pictures of her tattoos, tattoos she had done, sketches and some childhood photographs. She informs the reader about her childhood, her first love, and how she got into the industry. No topic is left untouched in this book. Kat explained how things were difficult on the set of Miami Ink, and how her first marriage fell apart. She also gives helpful hints on tattoos and what people should be looking for and thinking about if they want to get inked.

The book was a fun read, a little slim on details, but then again the woman is only twenty something. I hope Kat writes another book in twenty years. It will be interesting to see what she does with the rest of her life.

So, I have a question for my readers. Are you inked? If so, what do you have and what's the story behind your piece?

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Not legal to :P at sixteen, but my mom has one.