Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's manga time!

In my quest to read more manga I decided that Bizenghast looked like something I might be interested in so I gave it a go.

Dinah is a teenage girl who lost her parents in a car accident and is currently living with her aunt in the rundown town of Bizenghast, MA. Nothing ever happens and Dinah is slipping into madness. She sees ghosts and is haunted by them.

Vincent is her only friend and together they sneak out of her house and go to a local cemetery. Its there where Dinah is forced to release restless sprits ...or else.

To be honest with you I have no idea if I liked the book or not. Does that sound strange? I mean the premise sounds interesting. The art was nice. Dinah is in a new outfit almost in every panel and she looks like a goth girl. However most of the book deals with her releasing spirit after spirit after spirit, which gets old quickly. I was wondering where the rest of the story was. Things seemed to pick up towards the end though, so maybe there is hope for this series.

I borrowed the next three volumes from my local library and I’ll give a report on them later.

I like the idea about a young girl being haunted by ghosts (supernatural and her own demons), but I’m not sure about this book yet. So I can’t say if teens will enjoy it or not.


Kate said...

This sounds realy interesting! I can't wat to see your review on the next three volumes :)

Laina said...

That is one of the most gorgeous covers... ever!