Monday, July 13, 2009

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Wintergirls begins with Cassie dead in a hotel room. An investigation is launched to find out how she died. Before she dies Cassie calls Lia’s cell phone 33 times. The question arises why did she call? Was she murdered? What happened?

Lia and Cassie were friends throughout elementary school, but as time passed they became estranged. Life becomes more complicated and numerous issues begin to arise. Both girls begin to deal with weight issues and they spiral down that well known path of eating disorders. Besides facing eating disorders there are other problems going on in the girl’s lives.

This story isn’t so much about an eating disorder as it is a young woman’s life falling apart due to various factors including estranged parents, loss of childhood, fear of the future and other issues. I think Andersone does a good job on touching on these subjects and it adds depth to the story.

I did enjoy this novel because it doesn’t give you all the answers. The reader feels sorry for Lia and there are moments that the reader wants to holder her down and make her eat. She is a complex character.

Anderson does not shy away the harsh reality of this disease. The most memorable sentence for me is when Lia is talking about all the girls “who want to know my secret” (I’m paraphrasing) on how to stay skinny. I thought how sad, and yet how true.

I will say that I enjoyed Purge more than Wintergirls, but just by a little. I thought both novels were excellent and I highly recommend them. Due to the subject matter both should be read by mature teens.

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