Friday, July 10, 2009

Not for me

Reggie works at a bookstore where she comes across an old journal. She smuggles it home and begins to read it. She finds out about a strange smoke like being called the Vours. Reggie and Aaron (her friend) try to make the Vours appear, but something goes terribly wrong. Strange things start to happen around Reggie's home and soon her little brother isn't the same kid he was a few days ago. Something has changed. Now Reggie and Arron must try to defeat the Vours from destroying everyone.

This book has gotten glowing reviews on Amazon but I could not get past the cliches. First we have Reggie who works in a used book store, that has some old dusty books and she just happens to come across a unique journal. Then the person who owns the store is an expert on all things supernatural. Reggie is in love with the football star and then she has this side kick Arron who feels like a helpless puppy dog who I am waiting at any moment to say he loves Reggie more than words can say!

I swear I read this book before, or bits and pieces of it from other books. And the journal aspect and smart but old bookstore keeper has been done a million and one times. Been there. Done that.

To be fair I will let everyone know I stopped halfway through the book. So maybe it did get better. But I could not stay focused on the story becuase the elements above continued to trip me up. I kept thinking about them and how this didn't seem like anything knew.

I will say this. There is a sequel coming out in September. If you like horror stories this maybe for you. Sorry to say I could not get into it.


katie said...

I actually got the second book for review but I haven't read this one. Hopefully I might like it a little better. Thanks for the honest review!

Ms. I said...

You might enjoy it more than me. :) Like I said I was so caught up on the bookstore, jock, nerdy friend and wise bookstore owner stuff that I couldnt enjoy the novel itself.

I'd like to hear what you think of the sequel.

ZAC said...

i know! i stopped reading it.

WindyA said...

I really appreciate your honest reviews! Has helped me with books on my To-Read list. Thanks!

Ms. I said...

Thanks Windy. :) I try to be honest without being mean. I hope I am doing that. :)