Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'd like to suck your blood

Cross Academy has a Night Class and a Day Class. The Night Class consists of beautiful vampires. The Day Class has humans. The humans do not know that the Night Class has vampires.

Yuki Cross is one of the school's guardians and it is her job to keep these two apart. She does a pretty good job of things, but it is a difficult task because the humans are attracted to the vampires and the vampires want to feed on the humans. Added to the mix is Yuki's growing attraction to one of the vampires.

So why are vampires and humans living together side by side if it only means trouble? Well, I wasn't too clear on this, but I think the head master brought these two species (if you can call them that) together so they can learn to live side by side.

The story was entertaining and I liked it but it isn't a must read, in my opinion. Also, if I was told one more time that there were two classes and that the classes had to be kept apart I thought I was going to throw the book across the room. I got it the first five times, there was no reason to beat me over the head with it twenty more(ok, maybe I am exaggerate but not by much). I hate it when the author thinks that I'm stupid.

I can tell there is going to be romance, fighting, and maybe some killing in this series. I have no doubt that this will interest some students. I was able to get volume II from the library so I'll read that one and see if I'm sold on the series or not.

Has anyone read past volume I? Did you enjoy it?


Linna said...

This comic so far has 8 volumes and there would be more. I've read all of them (chinese version), and it's getting dim and dark and dumb. I like the artist's style and she has wonderful comic pictures, but the story is too complicated. I thought it would end soon, but apparently not.

Ms. I said...

See, its a problem when writers in comic don't know when to end the series and they just drag it out.

Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll pass on the other books.