Friday, May 28, 2010

Historical Fiction Friday

A wish after Midnight
is a time slip book. The main character time travels back in time.

The book opens with Genna who lives in the ghetto. Things are hard for her and her three siblings. One day, the family hopes they will move to a better neighborhood. However, as the story moves forward we see those around Genna being swallowed up by their surroundings.

The second part of the story takes place in 1863, during the American Civil War. If Genna thought her life was hard back in Brooklyn in 2010 things are much harder in a time of slavery.

The historical details were OK. As a historical fiction nut I like to be immersed in my time period. I didn't get that feeling with this novel. The details on historical events were nice. I also wished this could have been about Genna's life in modern day New York City. I was sucked into the story telling and her struggles. I wanted to know more. How would she survive? Would she make it? Would her dreams come true? And before I got those answers I was sucked out of the story into a brand new one.

I liked the book. I would have enjoyed it more if it dealt with Genna's life before the time travel. I'll be honest when I say I'm unsure who this story will appeal to. Historical fiction fans may want to give it a go. Urban readers maybe a little disappointed because of the change in setting. Adventerous readers looking for a different type of book may enjoy it.

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