Friday, September 17, 2010

Historical Fiction Friday

Every once in a while I post an adult book. I know some of my teens like to branch out and try something else. I don't post many, but I had to post this one.

Ms. Elliot was kind enough to give me a copy of Dark Moon of Avalon and I can't wait to read it. I read the first novel and loved it. Check out the summary.

Summary: The second installment of Elliot's Twilight of Avalon trilogy returns to the tale of former Queen Isolde and her devoted champion, Trystan. Now that Britain is in danger of falling to treacherous Lord Marche and his ruthless Saxon allies, Isolde knows that her only chance to save the kingdom is a desperate alliance with Saxon king Cerdic, whose willingness is uncertain. Trystan escorts Isolde on her quest to find Cerdic and, in the process, she learns more than she'd like about their time apart, during which he endured everything from slavery to torture; their greatest challenge, however, will be to trust their love. Elliot brings the Arthurian world to rich life, creating a Britain both familiar and distinctly alien to fans of medieval romances. Though Tristan and Isolde's romantic hedging, an obvious play to prolong the sexual tension, can frustrate, fans of the first book should be satisfied with this intermediary episode.


Nina said...

Sounds great and the cover is pretty!

YA Librarian said...

I loved the first one. Yeah, the cover is very nice.