Sunday, September 12, 2010

Non Fiction: Eye opening a must read for teen girls

Marvelyn isn't the perfect teen, and she confesses to that. Sometimes she was a bit wild, there were times when school didn't take center stage and she had no direction in life. College wasn't always on the radar, but she was a good athlete.

The story opens with Marvelyn in the hospital. She is sick and no one knows why. Soon she discovers that she has HIV. The person that gave it to her is a person she never imagined. The one person she loved. Her Prince Charming.

The book deals with a lot of misconceptions people have about HIV/AIDS; and Marvelyn's new life as she tries to deal with her new status. She also talks about the suicide of her friend and how that impacted everyone. She writes about her relationship with her mother and how she started to become a national spokesperson for HIV/AIDS.

The book is good, and I strongly encourage teen girls to read it. However, sometimes one has to question Ms. Brown's actions. I suppose we all make mistakes. Yet she knows the mistakes she is making and still goes through with them. For instance, she and another HIV/AIDS spokesperson engage in sex without protection. Apparently, when two HIV positive people engage in sex it could be dangerous(I did not know this). She knows its wrong, confesses that it is wrong, yet continues to do it. I wonder...why? Does that make her a hypocrite?

Despite the flaws(or maybe they enhance the book), I found this an excellent read.

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