Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gray's Got a Gun

Gray Wilton wants his misery to end.

When he enters Greenford High School Gray believes a new school is just what he needs. Things are going to be better, that’s what he keeps telling himself. The students won't pick on him anymore.

Unfortunately, his loser status follows him.

Gray tries to fit in at his new school, and things are going well until he meets Zorro one of the football jocks. Soon Gray's life becomes horrible.

There is a lot of mental and physical abuse throughout the novel. Ms. Gardner does an excellent job of portraying the pain Gray faces and also his helplessness.

Gray tries to escape into his music and tries to avoid Zorro and his crew, but nothing seems to work. His parents, teachers and the students will not help him.

With no one to turn to Gray decides he is going to stop Zorro from hurting him. The only way to end his pain is to take a loaded gun to school.

I truly enjoyed this book because it makes people think. It makes you wonder if there are Grays in your school. Is there a student who teachers/administrators ignore even though that student is bullied? Is there a student in your school who you pick on?

It’s a sad, powerful story and is a must read for teachers, principals, parents and students.

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